Privacy policy


Bank shall collect and process the following data from Users, for the enrolment for and use of the App: Name; Surname; Social Security Number (“SSN-Personal Number”); Date of birth; User’s bank account number (IBAN); User’s Mobile Network Operator, Device’s identification number (known as UDID, Device ID and/or Vendor ID, depending on the Operating System of the Device); the Contacts List of the User’s phone; Address; Email address.

All Users’ personal data shall be collected and processed further exclusively for the purposes of enrolling for and offering the BKT Smart Digital Banking application (the “App”). Bank shall use Users’ personal data only for the purpose of providing its App’s services to users and users using the App

The detailed information regarding the category of data, purposes and criteria of processing, and data protection, can be found in Bank’s webpage


1- Ensure that you change your password regularly.

2- Please do not share your user name and password with any other person.

3- Do not allow any other person to use your computer as you are logged into Internet Banking.

4- Install antivirus software and keep it up to date at all times. Failure to update antivirus software is the same as not having it.

5- Use a firewall to filter Internet traffic entering and leaving your computer.

6- Keep on the watch for security updates provided by reliable software manufacturers and apply them in accordance with the instructions supplied;

7- Don't access, through links, any sites that require you to provide personal or confidential/ sensitive information or allow you to carry out banking transactions. Always type in the full address of the site that you want to access in the respective bar.

8- Never provide confidential or personal data by electronic mail or by any other means, even if the request is made by an apparently legitimate source.

9- Don't provide identity or other confidential information without confirming that the site is secure. Check that the address begins with https:// followed by the respective name of the required site and that the page shows a padlock in the lower or upper toolbar.

10- Don't open electronic mail messages without checking the identity of the sender and the subject. If you have any doubt as to the origin of the message delete it immediately and don't open any file or attachment it may contain.

11- Please do not do any banking transaction on computers open to public access. Many different type of hacking programs enable hackers to access your account details and personal information through computers which are open to public access.

12- Please show utmost sensitivity not to use web pages which are opened through mails or other platforms. Do not enter your Internet Banking over any other page

13- After having completed your transaction please click the secure exit button and close your Internet Browser.

14- After having entered Internet Banking you will be informed about your last login date and time in the main page. In the light of this information you can check whether your account has been used by any other person after your last usage.