Offer Smart Deposit

“Smart Deposit” – we give a BONUS, as ‘cash back’ for the FIRST NEW DEPOSIT opened ONLINE

Open your deposit through online channels, as per the below conditions:
  1. Individual and Business Customer.
  2. Deposit should be opened only through online channels “Internet Branch” or BKT Smart”.
  3. It will be considered only the first new deposit opened in one currency ALL, EUR, USD, GBP.
  4. Deposit minimum balances should be ≥ 1,500,000 ALL / 15,000 EUR /15,000 USD / 10,000 GBP.
  5. Deposit maturity should be at least 6 months.
  6. Deposit should remain active till the campaign termination.
  7. Customer can profit from this campaign only for one deposit, the first one and only in one currency LEK, EUR, USD and GBP.
Earn Bonus (gross) respectively as per the above-mentioned amounts with values:
  • 1,500 ALL
  • 15 EUR
  • 15 USD
  • 10 GBP
The Bonus amount will be credit after the campaign termination at the account that the deposit is linked, current or saving account and the 15% income tax with be withhold.
The campaign will be effective starting 15th November 2022 till 31st March 2023.

*Note: Customers  who have fulfilled the conditions of 'Smart Deposit' campaign until January 31, 2023, will benefit bonus at the beginning of February 2023. Customers who will be part of the campaign from February 1 - March 31, 2023, will benefit the bonus at the end of the campaign (April 2023).

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