An innovation transaction of Smart BanKomaT is Cardless Top Up, which serves to recharge the prepaid mobile number by depositing cash at Smart BanKomaT.
This recharge option can be performed by all non-BKT customers at Smart BanKomaT in the menu Cardless Transactions - Cardless Top Up menu.
The client has the opportunity to choose:
  • Top Up only
  • Top Up and Package Activation
The recharge value will be equal to the amount of cash that will be deposited in Smart BanKomaT. The value of the package to be activated cannot be greater than the balance of the prepaid number together with the value of the cash deposited.
Through this transaction, the top-up of the prepaid number can now be performed not only by BKT customers.
The steps to be followed for Cardless Top Up at Smart BanKomaT are:
  1. Click the “Cardless Transactions” button in Smart BankKomaT;
  2. Select the menu “Cardless Top Up”;
  3. Select the Mobile Operator;
  4. Enter the “Prepaid Mobile Number” and click “Continue”;
  5. Insert in Smart BanKomaT banknotes that will be used for recharge;
  6. Click "Confirm" to proceed or "Add" if the customer wants to insert more banknotes;
  1.  Choose “Standart Top Up
6.1 Choose the Package which needs to be activated
  1. In the summary screen click “Continue
6.2 In the summary screen click “Continue

Attention: If the amount of the activated package is less than the recharge value, the remaining amount will be used as recharge to the mobile number.
* The transaction is allowed to be performed only in LEK currency