Project Finance Section:

BKT engages on Project Finance loans through tailor made financing that best aligns the project specifics with the investors best interest, safeguarding the project success.

What is Project Financing?

Project financing is generally a long-term loan, the repayment of which relies on the cash flow generated by the assets of the project subject of the financing. Project financing offers the best opportunity to finance and engage on new projects through a structured loan that goes hand in hand to the best interest of the project lifecycle.

What are the specifics of Project Finance loans?

Generally, these loans are designed to contain the following features:

  • Longer than average loan maturities, aligned to the project needs
  • Principal Grace or Full Grace (principal + interest) periods in line to the project specifics
  • More versatile security packages considered

What are the sectors that BKT engages in?

We at BKT, are open to finance projects in all sectors, subject of the project being feasible and in line to our lending criteria. We have first-hand experience with a consolidated portfolio of project finance loans in the following sectors:

  • Energy (Hydro Power plant financing and now extending on Photovoltaic financing)
  • Infrastructure (road constructions through schemes like PPP, concessions, etc.)
  • Construction
  • Hotelier
  • Mining
  • Services, etc.  

BKT’s approach

BKT aim and focus is to reach, select and give life to financially sound projects, at the same time sustainable with regards to social and environmental impacts. New loans are issued through a strict and professional selection criteria and in-depth due diligence, aiming to preserve a sound portfolio of such loans. The complexity of this segment of loans mitigated with the expertise of the dedicated unit that administers them, through the identification and mitigations of risks arising, guarantees the best financial support possible.