Check Collateralised Loan

Check Collateralized Loan

If you will ask for a short-term loan to meet your business needs, every bank will definitely request real estate collateral which undoubtedly is a financial cost and time for your business.  Meanwhile, BKT can support you and your business partner to deal with business transaction by the usage of cheques. Cheque collateralized loan is a financing short-term method to be used whenever the customer presents a post-dated cheque to be discounted before its maturity.

Targeted Customers: The customer can be either existing or new customer of BKT, under the following group: Existing Credit Customers (Corporate & Commercial), Existing Operational Customer, New Customer (selective) with good financial position. The targeted customer should deal mostly with wholesale or retail trade, manufacturing or production activities.

General Conditions:

  • Loan Purpose:  Working capital/ Purchase of inventory, raw materials/Purchase of Equipment
  • Loan Amount: up to 80% of the cheque Amount
  • Cheque Coll. Loan Maturity:  Max. 6 months renewable upon any new Cheque presented
  • Limit Maturity:  Max. 12 months
  • Interest Payment: Discountable and payable in advance at the moment of loan disbursed
  • Principal payment: To be paid at the maturity date of the post-dated cheque.
  • Collateral: Post-dates Cheque- up to 6 months