Commercial Mortgage Loan

Banka Kombetare Tregtare, now comes more near to Small and Medium Enterprises, with the newest product “Commercial Mortgage Loan’’.

Designed specifically for this purpose, Commercial Mortgage Loans aims to meet the needs for long-term financing, for buying a commercial area in Residential Complex, Commercial Centres etc. If you are a small or medium business, self-employed or a legal person looking to invest in the acquisition or extension of working environments, then Commercial Mortgage Loans at BKT is the most appropriate for you!

General Conditions

  • Loan Purpose - Purchasing of Commercial Units in Residential Complex, Commercial Centres, Purchasing of Commercial Buildings with aim to open supermarkets, retail sales units etc., Transferring Commercial Units from other banks.
  • Limit Range - Up to 1,000,000 Euro, or equivalent in All
  • Loan Maturity – 15 Years
  • Loan Interest:
    1. For loans in Euro, 3.5% fixed for first 3 years, then 1 Year Euribor + 4.5%  (not less than 4.5%)
    2. For loans in All, 4% fixed for first 2 years, then 1 year T-Bill + 3.5%, (not less than 5%)
  • Loan Repayment - In the first 5 years, 25% of the principal should be amortized, in the second 5 years 35% of the principal should be amortized and in the last 5 years 40% of the principal should be amortized