Express Overdraft

Express Overdraft Facility

The purpose of the Express Overdraft facility is to serve as a short-term financing tool for the bank's operating Micro/SME customers with at least 2 years of transaction history who can use a small Overdraft limit to meet their short-term liquidity needs, for purposes such as:
  • Inventory purchase
  • Utility payment
  • Tax payment, insurance payment
  • Salary payment or
  • Any other payments related to operational expenses

General Conditions:

Loan Maturity - The term is 12 months, and the bank has the right to renew it or not within the specified term.

Loan Amount:
For Micro customer segment: Min. 500,000 ALL / 4,000 EUR - Max. 1,000,000 ALL / 8,000 EUR
For SME Customer Segment: Min. 500,000 ALL / 4,000 EUR - Max. 2,000,000 ALL / 15,000 EUR

Collateral: No Collateral Requirement