Micro Startup Loan

Micro & SME Start-Up loan facility

The purpose of the Micro and SME Start-up Loan is to encourage qualified customers, such as recently registered Micro and SME businesses, that express interest in financing but do not have a financial history or sufficient collateral to offer to financial institutions in order to access financing. In accordance with the Bank's lending strategy, through the Micro and SME Start-up Loan, we target Micro and SME customers, who can apply to meet their needs for short-term and medium-term liquidity purposes such as:

• Loan for working capital / inventory
• Investment loans

General Conditions

Loan Maturity:
  • Working Capital: maximum 36 months (up to 6 months grace period
  • Investment Loans: maximum 60 months (up to 12 months grace period)
Loan Limit:
  • Minimum 5,000 EUR (ALL equivalent)
  • Maximum 50,000 EUR (ALL equivalent)
  • 5,000 EUR – 20,000 EUR (ALL equivalent) no collateral
  • 20,001 EUR – 50,000 EUR (ALL equivalent)
    • 30% principal coverage with real estate mortgage / Pledge of equipment or machinery / Company guarantee with at least 3 years of activity.
Upon disbursement of the loan, payments are transferred to suppliers' accounts according to invoices.