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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

You can receive 24-hours 7 days per week service by using BKT ATMs overall the cities in Albania.

You can check balances and withdraw from each account pre-linked to BKT Debit Card.

You can get EUR or LEK from each BKT ATM in Albania despite the currency of the account you are performing the transaction.

You can perform exchange transactions through BKT ATM, without going to the branch.

You can receive 24-hour top up service by using BKT ATMs in all cities in Albania

You can withdraw from your Credit Card up to the predetermined cash advanced limit

You can pay a Credit Card

You can apply for a Credit Card

You can change the PIN of your card.

You can deposit LEK and EUR (up to 950,000 ALL/ 5,000€, daily limit for each currency), Smart BanKomaT will count the money and will credit to your account immediately.

After depositing money, you can make many transaction via Smart BanKomaT (e.g. card payment, top-up, exchange etc.) or you can use BKT Smart for most of banking transactions.