Loans for Earthquake Homeless

0% Interest Financing for the Earthquake Homeless is a product that BKT intends to offer to the individuals affected by the earthquakes happened in Albania in September 21 and November 26,2019, in form of purchasing a real estate with an agreed price betyween the parties the bank and the customer, where accordingly the customer agrees to use the property with lease for a specific period of time, during which the lessee will pay rentals to the bank.  At the end of the period, the customer will have the right to buy back the property from the bank, at the predifined price in the financial leasing agreement.
The property that will be subject of the leasing agreement will be proposed by the customer himself. Then the relevant documentation for this property will be presented to the bank in order that BKT finalize the transaction of this property. In addition, the property subject to the leasing agreement must be registered in ASHK.
The apartment to be leased should have final registration.
The bank will finance up to 100% of contract sale price (100% based on OMV)


Please download the appropriate documentation of 0% Interest Financing for the Earthquake Homeless

Please download Pre contractual Information Form Mortgage Loans Document