Earn 2,000 All Cashback by paying with BKT BanKomaT cards in Supermarkets!

BKT BanKomaT cards are always there for you offering CASHBACK!

Perform 5 transactions with your BanKomaT card in Supermarkets owning BKT POS’s and earn 2,000 ALL cashback!
  • Minimum amount of each transaction is 4,000 All.
  • In the same day, in the same merchant is considered only one transaction.
  • Transactions will be counted in card base. Transactions performed in two cards cannot be summed as a whole total.
  • Cashback can be earned only 1 time.
  • Campaign is valid only for retail BanKomaT debit cards.
23 June 2023 – 23 July 2023

The cashback is yours with BanKomaT cards!

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