ATM - Smart BanKomaT

ATM – Smart BanKomaT

All BKT ATMs have installed in them the new CX Banking software, which provides for all customers a good experience in using digital banking channels. You can save time and enjoy the convenience of using digital channels like ATMs by performing a variety of financial and non-financial transactions. Our ATMs offer a variety of very easy-to-use services, including card withdrawals/deposits, balance checks, transfers, cardless withdrawals/deposits, bill payments, and more.

At BKT ATMs, you can use any card that has the VISA or MasterCard logo, regardless of the bank that issued this card. If you are not equipped with a Debit or Credit card from BKT you can apply depending on the type of card you need via BKT Online Branch, or by visiting our nearest branch.

BKT ATMs operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no limit on financial transaction hours. **

You can access the BKT ATM network at any time. To get information on the ATM network, access BKT Smart or the official BKT website.

The service is offered in 7 languages: Albanian, English, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Greek and Russian.

**Info: Transactions made after 20:00 may be reflected as next business day actions if the daily closing action process has begun, which may begin at 20:00 and last until midnight.

For more information and how to use Smart BanKomaT please refer to the detailed manual in MANUAL PERDORIMI SMART BANKOMAT (