Product information

Do you need some money immediately? This is no longer a problem for you. If you get your salary through BKT, you can profit up to 3 net monthly salaries overdraft limit in your account.

Terms and conditions of the Loan




Maximum loan amount

Max. 3 monthly net salaries
500,000 ALL,
EUR 5,000
and USD 5,000

Maximum maturity

Until the moment that your salary pas through BKT.

Interest rate begins from

Currency ALL:
T-bill 1year + 9% – for public sector
T-bill 1year + 11% – for private sector
Currency EUR:
Euribor 1year + 10%
Currency USD:
Libor 1year + 13%


Not required

For further information on the product terms and conditions click at the pre-contractual standardized information letter below.

Please download the respective documents requested for overdraft
Please download the pre-contractual standardized information letter