How can I deposit in my account on non-working days?

BKT offers different ways to deposit in order to serve our customers 24/7. Even in the non-working days each of our clients can use “Smart BanKomaT” to deposit ALL or EUR in the accounts linked with his/her personal Debit Card. To deposit in “Smart BanKomaT” you should follow these steps:

  1. Input you Debit Card
  2. Choose Deposit option
  3. Choose the account where you need the amount to be deposited
  4. Input your cash horizontally
  5. Aprove the amount counted by the ATM.

If I can’t not find an ATM, is there any other way to deposit money?

Furthermore BKT offers Deposits through Pay & Go with a network of 250 terminals in Tirana & Durres and expanding in other cities too, it was made possible to offer the service of funds depositing in ALL (24 hours 7 days a week) at any Pay & Go terminal for a daily limit up to 99.999 ALL. The client can use one of two below possibilities to access this service:

  • Clients number CIF or
  • Personal identification number in ID card- SSN

Through an SMS sent from BKT (on the registered mobile number on the system), the client receives the FNP and information for service commission of 50 ALL. From the terminal is printed automatically a receipt with the information about amount

How can I find the nearest BKT ATM or branch?

Using BKT Smart application which can be downloaded on Android (PlayStore) or iOS phone (AppStore) you can easily find the list of ATMs and branches of BKT and also view them in the Map. To find the nearest ATM you need just to open BKT Smart and scroll the main page to the left, the second page will show the nearest BKT ATM from your location and its exact location.