How do I find the nearest ATM/branch?

To find the nearest ATM or branch to carry out your transactions, you need to enter the official BKT website or download the BKT Smart application from Android (Play Store) or iOS (AppStore). You can see the location on the map or you can search for the nearest ATM based on your location.


What are cardless transactions?

It is not necessary to have a debit or credit card to perform actions at the ATM because cardless transactions allow this opportunity for all individual BKT customers as well as non-BKT customers.

What kind of transactions can i perform without a card?

You can perform a variety of transactions at all BKT ATMs, such as:
For BKT customers, the action is initiated in BKT Smart in the cardless transactions menu. Actions that can be performed are.

  • Withdrawal with Unique Code
  • Withdrawal with QR Code
  • QR Code deposit to personal account
  • Cash deposit in other BKT Clients
  • Viewing the Exchange Rate
  • Top-up without card (with cash)

Can I do cardless transactions in ATM if I am a non BKT customer?

For non-customers of BKT, the actions that can be performed at the ATM are:
  • Recharge mobile phone without card (with cash)
  • Viewing the Exchange Rate

Can I change my PIN on the ATM?

You can change your PIN at any BKT ATM in the menu “More” / Update profile” / “Change PIN” and enter the new PIN from the numeric keypad.


How can I deposit to my account during holidays/weekends?

KT offers several ways to deposit into your checking accounts in order to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To deposit in "Smart BanKomaT" you must follow the following steps:
1. Insert your debit card
2. Select the "Deposit" menu
3. Select the account where you want to deposit the amount
4. Place the money horizontally
5. Approve the amount counted by the ATM


When does the deposited amount become valid for use?

The amount deposited in the ATM becomes immediately valid after successful deposit in your account and you can use the funds to make payments, transfers, etc.


Is any commission applied to use BKT ATM?

All transactions made through the debit card issued by BKT in the ATM network are free.
If you have a debit card issued by BKT in Albania, you can perform transactions at BKT Kosovo ATMs without commission by accessing the primary account linked to the card. All holders of a BKT Credit Card can refer to the Terms and Conditions for the use of the Credit Card at BKT ATMs.


What happens if a deposited banknote is held by the ATM for verification?

Deposited banknotes that are identified by the ATM as suspicious will be kept by the ATM for further investigations and the respective message will be displayed on the screen. Banknotes will be verified for their authenticity and if they are valid they will be credited to your account. Any banknotes verified as fake will be submitted to the Bank of Albania according to the regulation in force.


What happens if the card is held by the ATM?

In case the card is held by the ATM, the necessary verification will be made and you will be contacted by the bank. In any case, you can report your card being held by the ATM at our Contact Center number +355 (0) 42 266 288.

Need more information?

Contact us through our communication channels such as email address info@bkt.com.al, WhatsApp Service +355674000018, Internet Branch Service "Contact" menu, BKT Smart application Service, "Requests" menu, Page BKT official etc.

To get information about your account and credit cards without connecting to the agent, use the IVR service and contact the customer service number +355 (0) 42 266 288.

For more information and how to use BKT ATMs, please refer to the detailed manual and illustrative videos in MANUAL PËRDORIMI | Banka Kombetare Tregtare (bkt.com.al).

For specific conditions on transactions offered by BKT, please refer to the Bank's Terms and Conditions.