High deposit interest rates for all currencies

You can sleep peacefully, but your money NO!

Feel safe and project your future with BKT deposits.
Invest with the most competitive interest rates in the market for for all currencies deposits and choose between the wide range of deposit types offered by BKT!

Your money should not sleep with 0% interest!
The more you save, the more you earn.
Open a deposit online!
You can open, close and be informed about your deposits through the "Internet" Branch or the BKT Smart application.
If you open a deposit online you benefit higher interest rates and for deposits opened until March 31, 2023, for amounts above 1,500,000 lekë (equivalent in foreign currency)you benefit as well a BONUS of 1,500 lekë.

For interest details on each deposit product, refer to the Interest Rate Bulletin.

*Note: Customers  who have fulfilled the conditions of 'Smart Deposit' campaign until January 31, 2023, will benefit bonus at the beginning of February 2023. Customers who will be part of the campaign from February 1 - March 31, 2023, will benefit the bonus at the end of the campaign (April 2023).

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