Pay on instalments your plane ticket and Hotel!

BKT Prima credit cards are by your side also during holidays! Pay on instalments your plane ticket and hotel using the following different campaigns:

  • Divide in 3 instalments with 0% interest.
  • Divide in 4 instalments with 3% commission.
  • Divide in 5 instalments with 5% commission.
  • Divide in 6 instalments with 6% commission.
  • Divide in 7 instalments with 7% commission.
  • Divide in 8 instalments with 8% commission.
  • Divide in 9 instalments with 9% commission.
  • Divide in 10 instalments with 10% commission.
  • Divide in 11 instalments with 10% commission.
  • Divide in 12 instalments with 10% commission.

Ongoing campaigns can be found by logging in “Dega Internet” or in “BKT Smart” application, under the menu Credit cards, Divide into instalments. Valid to divide into instalments will be considered transactions performed in physical POS and also online, according to valid campaigns.

Before dividing it into instalments, you have to make sure you are doing it before the cut-off date of the credit card statement. First cycle cut-off date is 22nd of each month and the second cycle is the date 6th of each month. If these dates are holidays, it is postponed to the next day.

Prima, the card of eXtra possibilities

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