Pay with BanKomaT debit cards in SUPERMARKETS and earn cashback!

BKT Debit cards BanKomat are handy and help avoiding CASH usage!

Perform transactions with BKT BanKomaT debit cards in SUPERMARKETS owning BKT POS’s and you will be rewarded according to the schema below:

  • 3 transactions – 500 All cashback
  • 7 transactions – 1,500 All cashback
  • 15 or more transactions – 5,000 All cashback.

Minimum amount of each transaction should be 2,000 All or more. In the same day, in the same merchant will be counted only one transaction! Valid transactions will be counted those done with BKT BanKomaT individual debit cards in BKT POS’s.

April 6 - May 6, 2021

Only with BanKomaT, avoid cash and earn rewards from different campaigns!

Campaign is valid for Supermarket category including all merchants under Merchant Category Code: 5411.

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