1. What are the Super Loan conditions and what documentation is needed?

For further information on the product terms and conditions and all the required documents click at the Link below:

Super Loan

2. In which branch can I apply for Super Loan?

You can apply for Super Loan at any BKT branch, without being limited to the branch in which you have opened your personal account.

3. Can I get Super Loan without a surety?

You can benefit Super Loan without offering a guarantor up to amount ALL 500,000. For more information, you can refer to conditions of product.

4. Can I get Super Loans to Invest in Business?

This loan is offered only to individuals, who have stable income from salary and/or rent. People who provide income from private activities are not subject of loan. Only self-employed professionals (lawyer, doctor, etc.) may profit from accessible terms and conditions of Super Loan.

5. How much work experience should I have to qualify for Super Loan?

If you are employed in public sector, you need at least 6 months employed in the same position. If you are employed in private sector, you need minimum 1 year employed in the same position. In each case customer should have minimum employer experience duration of at least 1 year.

6. How long does it take a Super Loan to be approved?

If all the required documents are completed, the loan will be approved within 24 hours from application moment.

7. How can I pay the instalments of Super Loan?

If you have enough funds in your account, payment will be done automatically. Otherwise, you can go in every branch of BKT to pay the instalment of the loan.