Salary Pack

Do you want to win ‘Bonus’ every month?

It’s so easy!

By purchasing with BKT Prima Card in BKT POS though the merchant that are not part of the Bonus Partner list, you gain 0.1% bonus.

Get 4-times more Bonus Points on Credit Card, if you will be part of ‘Salary Pack’ by fulfilling the below set conditions:

  1. The customer should be Salary customer
  2. The customer should have an active Automatic Bill Payment that it is executed for the last month.
  3. The customer should have an Active Credit Card that has performed at least one transaction for the last month.
  4. The customer should have an open Overdraft limit (min 10’000 ALL)
  5. The customer should be an Active ONLINE user (E-banking/BKT Smart) that has performed at least one financial transaction for the last month.

Profit: 0.4% Bonus over total Credit Card transactions of the last month (max 500 ALL).
*Last month - includes the days from previous credit card statement date to recent statement date of actual month
*Credit Card Transactions, all transactions included on last statement 
*Online User Definition, should has performed at least one online financial transaction on E-banking/ BKT Smart for the last month
*If the customer will be part of both packages (salary or loan pack), the bonus will be given only once.
*If customer has two credit cards and he used both of them (he has transaction on both cards), bonus will be given separately on both cards.

Credit Card Bonus Points will be automatically uploaded one day after credit card statement generated.

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