Deposit Pack

Deposit Pack

Do you have an active Deposit Contract?

Apply for a Credit Card and a Direct Debit agreement to benefit a free of charge Current Account.

The benefit of this campaign-offer consists on not applying the monthly maintenance fee of 150 ALL in the account if it fulfils the below set of conditions.

  1. The customer should have an active Deposit Contract at the date of AMF booking ( in any currency/ amount/ every type of deposit)
  2. The customer should have an active Credit Card that has performed at least one transaction for the last 2 months
  3. The customer should have an active Direct Debit agreement that it is executed for the last month

The selected account of customer that will not be applied the monthly maintenance fee; it should be ALL account and linked with the Direct Debit agreement

*If the customer don’t have any of the products/services as below, he/she can apply on a nearby BKT Branch to get the product/service.

*Last 30 days include days from the 20th of the previous month until the 20th of the current month.

*Last 2 months include 60 days before the 20th of the current month