Why should you invest in Energy Efficiency?

  • Expected increase in electricity prices.
  • High energy consumption in the household and the burden on the family budget.
  • New technologies provide better living conditions.
  • Obligation to protect the environment

The main benefits of investing in energy efficiency

  • Reduce and maintain control of monthly electricity costs
  • Better conditions of living (more convenience)
  • Increased property value and standard
  • Protecting the environment

What can be financed by Eco Loan?

  • Replacement of Heat supply systems (Air conditioning replacement)
  • Replacement of incandescent bulb by CFL1
  • Replacement if old fluorescent lamps by modern T52 lamps with electronic ballast
  • Thermal solar system for hot sanitary water
  • Replacement of conventional heating system by a heat pump
  • Installation of on-grid photovoltaic system
  • Building insulation of outside walls and roofs
  • Replacement of outside windows
  • Replacement of outside doors
  • Replacement of non regulated pumps for central heating system by new electronically regulated pumps
  • Installation of new radiators in combination with installation of thermostatic valves
  • Energy services and supply businesses
  • Electrical household with EU label

Eco Loan (Collateralized Loan) conditions are:

Terms and conditions of the Loan  

Maximum loan amount
6,000,000ALL/50,000 EUR
Maximum maturity up to 15 years
Interest rate starts from ALL: 3.5%
EUR: 1 Y Euribor + 4% (not less than 4%)
Disbursement Commission 1%
Collateral Real estate property only, considered as marketable

Simple tips for energy savings for families:

No cost:

By reducing your heating by just 1 °C can reduce heating costs by 10%

You can save about 500-600 ALL every month, ensuring that your equipment and not left switched on.

Do not forget to open the curtains and blinds during the day to have a natural light and heat from the sun in winter.

A short shower can spend less than a third of the water used to wash in the tub, so you will save around ALL 500-700 energy per month.

Low cost:

Thermal insulation of apartment helps in reducing the energy you need to heat your home and can save up to 50-80% per year in heating-cooling bills

Replacement of old inefficient boiler with a new more efficient model can reduce your heating bill up to 25%.

Installation of solar panels will provide hot water for free and will pay itself for several years.

Replace all inefficient lamps in your home with compact fluorescent bulbs and save up to 10-15% of your monthly power bill.

Improve equipment such as refrigerator, washing machine or dryer, dishwasher with an energy label (such as that of the EU and ENERGY STAR).

For further information on the product terms and conditions click at the pre-contractual standardized information letter below.

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Please download the pre-contractual standardized information letter