About Prima

About Prima

About Prima Card – Prima Cards are revolving credit cards connected to an approved limit from the bank. Prima Cards are used to buy goods and services, cash advance, purchases and internet reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BKT in cooperation with international payment companies as Mastercard and VISA, offers PRIMA MASTERCARD STANDART / GOLD and PRIMA VISA CLASSIC / GOLD cards. With PRIMA MasterCard and VISA your payment style will change. You will find a financial support anytime, anywhere.

We offer quick and safe payments for your expenses, with no need to pay immediately.

With Prima Card you can purchase in every POS worldwide, in Internet or perform cash withdrawals wherever MasterCard and Visa logo are displayed.

Prima has all the functions of a credit card with eXtra benefits that makes your life fun and lucky in every purchase. 

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Advantages of Prima Card

  • Free re-printing;
  • Free usage for the 1-st year; For the other years- annual fee will be credited back in card as bonus only if:
    1. For Standard classic credit cards- 1,500 ALL bonus if the purchases amount on the last year period is over 400,000 ALL
    2. For Gold credit cards- 3,000 ALL bonus if the purchases amount on the last year period is over 600,000 ALL
  • Practical, fast and easy;
  • Extra Bonus for purchases at our partner merchants;
  • Extra Falas from monthly lottery with one winner every day;
  • Extra 0% for installed payments at merchants we have agreement;
  • Fast payments by saving your time;
  • Revolving credit line giving the possibility to pay only a part of the total balance (minimum to be paid - 25%);
  • Bank offers 40 days repayment period with no additional interest charge;
  • Full payment of the monthly invoice with 0% interest;
  • Usable in all ATM and POS all over the world wherever the logo of MasterCard and VISA, are displayed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Internet usage up to 100% of the Prima card limit;
  • 0 % commission for purchases in POS, inside or outside country;
  • 0 % commission for internet purchases or reservations;
  • Ideal for airline tickets, hotel, car reservation, etc.;
  • Installed payment in each merchant equipped with BKT POS;
  • Control your expenditures and verify each transaction done;
  • Pay your bills at E-Banking with no need to go to branches;
  • Pay your obligation on E-Banking or to the nearest ATM with no need to go to branches;
  • Pay your obligation on ATM through: Pay My Prima menu. Payment on ATM is done only with debit card.
  • Internet purchases with the highest safety – 3D Secure.
  • Changing PIN as desired;

Usage of Prima Card

POS Purchases: The card can be inserted in the terminal by the seller who types the correct amount to be paid. Transaction should be confirmed by entering the PIN code of your card, followed by the bank confirmation. The seller might ask for an Identification Document for further verifications. After the transaction is successfully completed, the seller should give you a second copy of the bill. If your card was used by sweeping the magnetic strip, you must sign the merchant copy of the bill

Internet Purchase: After confirming the purchase on the internet webpage you should follow the instructions to fill the cards info to complete your order. Prima Cards are equipped with 3D Secure Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode for safer purchases in internet participating merchants

CASH withdrawal: Insert the card in the ATM and select the preferred language, enter the card’s PIN code and select the option for cash withdraw. Finish the transaction by following the instructions appearing on the ATM screen.

Activities with PRIMA in BKT ATM’s:

  • Verifying and printing the card limits- Free
  • Verifying and printing the last invoice - Free
  • Withdraw (in advance) up to 10% of the total limit
  • Changing PIN as desired -Free

Activities in “Internet” branch:

  • Card Payment
  • Transfers
  • Verifying cards and limits
  • Verifying balance statement and latest transactions
  • Verifying and changing limit for internet usage

How to apply for PRIMA Card

If you are over 18 years and have incomes in bank from employment or any other source, you have the right to apply for Prima card:

  • In all BKT branches
  • At our official website www.bkt.com.al
  • Through E-Banking

Required documentation to be filled:

  • Identification Document
  • Proof of income (all the types) or a deposit covering 110% of the requested limit

For any further information please refer to Pre-contractual Info or contact our Call Center at: +355 (4) 22 66 288.

Here you can apply for BKT Prima Credit Card