Tips & Advise

To avoid lost/theft of your card and its information BKT advises you as follows:

  • Memorise and keep your PIN safe. You should change it everytime you suspect that someone might have discovered or copied. PIN can be easily changed anytime at BKT ATM 
  • Setting the PIN in POS/ATM terminals can not be done by someone else but you;
  • During the time you’re making a payment, make sure to have your card visible all te time;
  • Do not allow anyone to use your card;
  • Never use your Card or PIN in (ATM/POS) terminals that look suspicious;
  • If you have doubts that your card or your card information has been stolen, contact BKT immediately;
  • For internet purchases, make sure the page you are doing the transaction is certified SSL, https:// instead of http://;
  • Check constantly your account balance through ATM or “Internet” branch.
Here you can apply for BKT Prima Credit Card