Promotional Activities 2016

Electronic Bank Services Lottery

Authorized by the Ministry of Finance with Authorization No. 944/1, dated 01/02/2016, Banka Kombëtare Tregtare comes with a promotion lottery that aim to boost the usage of Electronic Bank Services.,

The game will be organized in the form of a lottery which will be awarded three prizes:

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  1. The first prize will be 1 iPhone 6.

    Part of lottery transactions will be:

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    1. The first login and
    2. Any debit transaction carried out through the application of BKT Smart (in minimum 500 ALL / 5 EUR, USD etc...).
  2. The second prize will be 1 General Mobile 4G mobile for the recharges performed for Albtelecom (Eagle Mobile) Operator via:

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    1. Mobile Banking
    2. E-banking
    3. ATM
  3. The third prize will be the return of the amount of the invoice value of Direct Debit executed during the month for new contracts started in 2016 (up to a maximum of 50,000 Lekë) from individual customers for payments of individual customer bills.
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* Winners of mobiles will be excluded from the next prize lottery of the first and second drawn.

The transaction that belongs to BKT Staff will participate at the same conditions as all other clients.