Promotional Activities 2020

Promotional Activities

  • BKT rewards its loyal customers.
  • We offer various forms of promotion activity, where every customer can find himself automatically part of one of them.
  • To win you must be part of the promotion activity, and to be part you must meet the conditions.
  • If you miss only a single transaction hurry up to do it, or you need a product come and take it, and give yourself the chance to be the winner.

The authorization of Promotion Activity

Authorized by the Ministry of Finance with Authorization No. 2015/2 Prot, dt. 18/12/2019, Banka Kombëtare Tregtare comes with a unique opportunity through a promotional activity aims to boost the usage of BKT banking products and services.

"Promotional Activity 2020", is organized in the withdrawal numbers where the winning ticket number is formed by random selection according to well-defined criteria for each prize. Each transaction or customer that meets the prize criteria generates a number that is valid as a number of tickets to participate in the promotion activity. All valid tickets are collected based on the calendar specified for each prize, from which the winners are selected according to the prizes listed below.

Duration of the Promotion Activity

The "Promotional Activity 2020”, is in force starting from January 1st 2020 until 31st of December 2020.

"Promotional Activity 2020", for Banking Service and Prima Card

During 2020 the "Promotional Activity 2020", will be offering the below prizes:

  1. Prize for transactions made with BKT Individual Cards (Debit - identified as BanKomaT; Credit - identified as Prima) where a winner will be announced for each day of the month for the value of the winning transaction (max: 100,000 ALL).
  2. Price for activation and use of new and existing credit cards - every 3 months it will 1 winner during 2020.
  3. "iPhone 11" prize for the BKT Smart users - 3 winner's during 2020.
  4. "Smart Watch" price for Albtelecom mobile number recharges via Online channels:
    • Mobile Banking
    • Internet branch
    • ATM

3 winners’ during 2020.

  1. “Xiaomi Mobile” prize for cash deposit transaction at BKT ATMs - 3 winner during 2020.
  2. For salary customer the prize is 12,500 ALL for each active banking product that they have in the bank - 3 winner`s during 2020.
  3. Refunding the amount of monthly Automatic Bills Payments for contract of individual customer opened during 2020 (max 10,000 ALL) - 3 winner`s during 2020.
  4. " LAPTOP HP” prize for performing Top Up (all operators) and payment for TV - 3 winner`s during 2020.
  5. Tablet price for customer’s part of below packages:
    • Deposit Pack
    • Easy Pack
    • Active Pack
    • Loan Pack
    • Salary Pack

3 winners during 2020.

  1. The "Free Subscribe for ALB TV for 1 Year" for Albtelecom monthly Automatic Payment, for individual customer contracts opened during 2020 - 3 winners during 2020.

Winners' Rewards

If a ticket is announced winner, must be checked which action/customer has generated and identifies it.

The customer will be contacted via the Call Center telephone number +355 4 22 66 288 and will be notified of the prize and to proceed with further procedures. In some cases, the client will be required to be presented to the BKT Headquarters to withdraw the prize.

For prize of BKT Salary Customer and Monthly Automatic Bill Payments, the value will be credited to the client's savings account.

The list of winners will be published on BKT's official website.

Winners must draw their prizes with a valid identification document (Identity Card or Passport) within three months of the date of the winner’s announcement. In case of non-presented to withdraw the prize by the deadline, the participants will lose the right to receive it.

All lottery winnings are subject of income tax at the source.


BKT reserves the exclusive right to change, suspend or terminate the promotion activity without prior notice and it is not responsible towards any user for such changes, suspensions or terminations.

Winners of Mobiles, Tablets, Smart Watches, Laptops and a free subscription to ALB TV for 1 year will be excluded from the following promotion activity if they have won the prize during Year 2020.