Promotional Activities 2018

Lottery of Retail Banking Services

Authorized from the Ministry of Finance with Authorization no. 4761/3, date 20/12/2017, BKT presents a promotion lottery that aim to encourage the usage of the banking services offered to retail customers.

During 2018 the lottery will be offering the below prizes:

  1. 1 iPhone for each 3 Months
  2. 1 TABLET for each 3 Months
  3. 3,000 ALL bonus for execution of International Money Transfers done through internet banking 3 winner for each 3 months.
  4. For salary customer the price is 12,500 ALL for each active banking product that they have in the bank, 1 winner for each 3 months.
  5. Refunding the amount of bill paid for Direct Debits (max 10,000 ALL); 1 winner for each 3 months.
  6. Price for performing Top up and payment for TV, in the amount 10 times of transaction (max 10,000 ALL); 1 winner for each 3 months.

Duration of the Game:

The Lottery is in force starting from January 1st 2018 until 31 December 2018

Winners Awards:

When the ticket is announced as winner, it will be verified properly which transaction/client has generated it.

The client will be contacted through the Call Center telephone number +355 4 22 66 288 to be notified for the prize and for further steps needed to follow if the case. In some cases the client might be asked to come to BKT Head Offices to draw the winning prize.

In case of winning prize 3,000 ALL bonus for execution of International money Transfers the respective values will be credited to the client’s credit card.

As for the prices of salary customers, Direct Debit bill paid, as well as Top up or TV payments, the price value will be credited to the customer's saving account.

The list of winners will be published at the official BKT web page.

The winners should come to withdraw their prizes by presented a valid ID document (ID card or Passport) within three months from the date informed as winners. In case they’ll not present themselves until the defined period, they might lose the right to claim their prize.


BKT reserves the right to modify, discontinue or terminate the lottery, without prior notice and shall not be liable to any participating member for such modification, discontinuation or termination.

The winners of iPhone or Tablet prizes will be excluded from the future lottery period, if they were announced winners before for these prizes