Price for salary customer in BKT

Price for new and existing salary customer in BKT

The price will be selected from BKT Salary customers that have at least one salary payment with BKT during the lottery draw period.

The winner of this prize will win 12,500 ALL cash back on the saving account for each active product in the list below until the date define for this price.

The list of products that salary customer should have in BKT, in order to have the option of multiple cash back it is as follow:

  1. Salary payment
  2. Overdraft
  3. Saving account
  4. Debit Card
  5. Credit Card
  6. Loan
  7. Deposit
  8. Direct Debit

The summary list of clients fulfilling the above criteria will be prepared at the end of each trimester. Every client will have a participating ticket. From the generated tickets of the list it will be selected 1 winner in 3 months, respectively: March, June, September and December 2018.