Direct Debit Promotional Activity

Direct Debit Promotional Activity

Authorized by the Ministry of Finance with Authorization No. 944/1, dated 01/02/2016, Banka Kombëtare Tregtare comes with a promotion lottery that aim to boost the usage Direct Debit service.

A unique opportunity for all the clients open e Direct Debit Contract during 2016.

1 Executed bill through Direct Debit gift every month!

The game will be organized as a promotional lottery where all the executed individual bills through Direct Debit opened during 2016 will serve as a “lottery ticket” participant. Every valid recharge generates a number which serves as a lottery ticket. It means that a retail client has as much chances as many bills are paid through Direct Debit of BKT. All valid recharges of each month will be collected in calendric basis and the winner will be selected through the tickets generated by these transactions.

The conditions and the organization of the lottery:

  • The lucky winners will be randomly selected.
  • Any Direct Debit opened during 2016 and executed will be considered as a lottery ticket, therefore will be considered each of the Direct Debit executed.
  • The maximum amount that will be recharged will be 50,000 ALL.

As much executed contracts as much the opportunity you have to be the next winner of the recharged bill.

The valid transaction should meet the below criteria to participate in the lottery:

  • Valid would be considered only the contracts of Direct Debit opened during 2016
  • The transaction should be done within the calendaring month.
  • Valid transaction would be considered only the payment performed through Direct Debit
  • Valid transaction would be considered every payment performed for all the operator that BKT have for Direct Debit execution.

*These terms are valid only for the recharges made within that month. The transactions can’t be accumulated for the successive months and they are zeroed at the end of each month. These terms are valid for each separate month and the transaction number is renewed at the beginning of each month.

Participants in the lottery:

  • All transaction the Direct Debit contract of the retail clients of BKT performed for all the operator with which BKT has a Direct Debit agreement for the bills issued by them for the retail customers.
  • The transaction that belongs to BKT Staff will participate at the same conditions as all other clients.

This promotional campaign will be held apart from any other campaign that BKT may undertake throughout its validity duration and will not be combined or added to other campaigns organized during the same time.

Duration of the Game:

The Lottery is in force starting from February 1st 2016 until 31 December 2016 and it works on a monthly basis.

For each month, there will be one winner. All transactions that meet the eligibility criteria and are carried out during this period will be collected and laying the draw winner will be selected.

The mechanism of the selection of winners:

The winners will be chosen randomly as per the below mechanism: All transactions performed via Direct Debit contracts during the month will be saved in the bank system with all the respective details, as per the client who have performed the transaction, the transaction amount, the date of the transaction etc.

From all the transaction performed during the month, only the ones who meet the criteria will be classify in the participation. All filtered valid Direct Debit executed will be put in a “Lottery Pond” and will be counted by assigning a ticket number. For each valid Direct Debit list that belongs to the specific date there will be a winning ticket.

The list with valid transactions and respective ticket numbers will be generated and printed in advance before the lucky draw in order to be transparent.

The winning ticket will be selected through random choice by a lucky draw.

Every user of the alternative channels of BKT that recharges can win only one time during all the period of the lottery.

Winners Awards:

For each winning ticket, it will be credited the whole amount won, in the account of the winner’s. The winners will benefit the entire amount of transaction that generated the ticket. It means that the reward is not a fix amount, but varies upon the amount of the lucky transaction. The maximum amount that can be credited is 50,000 Lek. Transactions higher than 50,000 Lek can participate, but they will only get back 50,000 Lek at maximum.

Winners announcment

The lucky draw will be organized in accordance with all the regulations and law, in presence of representatives by the Unit of Gambling Supervising, the Regional Tax Office, the notary and Bank representatives, in the first working day of the third week of the next month.

Winner announcement will be a week after the drawing day.

Prices distribution

The distribution will be done to the account from which the payment is performed.


  • Disputed transactions, reversals and refunds will not be counted as valid.
  • Banka Kombetare Tregtare reserves the right to modify, discontinue or terminate this campaign, with no prior notice and shall not be liable to any Card Holder for such modification, discontinuation or termination.