Direct Debit

Direct Debit- Win up to 30,000 ALL for the automatic bill payments

The prize will be: the return of the amount of the invoice value of Direct Debit payments executed during 3 months period for new contracts started in 2017 performed from individual customer’s account.

In the customer account announced as winner, it will be credited all the amounts of automatically paid invoices for that period classified eligible for the draw period. The total amount of the invoices to be reimbursed from the bank is up to 30.000 ALL.

Each monthly execution of the contract (with respective amounts) of Direct Debit opened on 2017 it will be classified as a participating Ticket on the lottery.

All valid transactions will be accumulated within 3 calendared months and from the generated tickets will be selected 1 winner in 3 months respectively: February, May, August and November 2017.

The date of transaction performed must be within the defined period of the draw. There is no minimum number of transactions. The number of transactions will be accumulative for 3 consecutive months for each draw.