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Win "HP Laptop"

Win "HP Laptop"

Win "HP Laptop"

Where price is offered for package customers:

  1. Deposit Pack
  2. Easy Pack
  3. Active Pack
  4. Loan Pack
  5. Salary Pack

All customers who qualify to be part of the above packages, for each game thrown (according to the set dates), will have the opportunity to participate in the game to win the price of an HP Laptop.  If a customer is part of one of the above packages, at least once during the period of the promotion activity, only one ticket will be generated.

In case a customer will be part of two packages at the same time, then only one participant ticket will be generated.

From all the tickets generated during the period determined for the throwing of the game, a winning customer will be selected one (1) winner for each thrown game, in the months of May 2022, September 2022, January 2023.

* HP Laptop winners will be excluded from the ongoing game if they have won this prize before (during the year in which the promotional game takes place).