Business Credit Cards

Prima Credit Card for Businesses

Credit Prima Cards for Business Prima was developed to meet the needs of business customers, as Corporate Business, as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

This product will be a good opportunity for your business, as:

  • It serves as a highly effective tool to liquidate short-term business needs.
  • It offers practical solutions for business and maximizes cost control.
  • Avoid excessive documentation offering in a very short time the necessary liquidity for your business

What you can do with your card? 

PRIMA card functions as a credit MasterCard issued by Banka Kombëtare Tregtare.

The Card provides:

  • Transactions to your company at all POS terminals worldwide, both at home and abroad, free of charge.
  • Buy safely online via 3D Secure option, free of charge.
  • Performance of services like; buying plane tickets, hotel reservations and conference rooms, in restaurants, etc. payment.
  • CASH withdrawal of funds and the possibility of making payments with your card wherever you see the MasterCard logo.

How Prima Card works?

Your business can be equipped with more than one card PRIMA Business, giving each person the opportunity to manage the company's costs.

Monthly Statement of credit card spending will show in detail all actions performed monthly total of all persons provided with your business card. In this way you will be able to monitor individual costs incurred in performing company.

How you can obtain a Credit Card?

Appear at Bank branches across the network of BKT to apply for your limit credit card, with or without collateral. 

Commissions and Interests

Commissions for Cash withdrawal

  • Cash withdrawal at BKT ATM – 2% of the amount + Interest+ Commission 1000 ALL
  • Cash withdraw in other bank’s ATM in Albania – 2% of the amount , + Interest+ Commission 1000 ALL
  • Cash withdraw at non BKT ATM out of Albania –  2% of the amount, + Interest+ Commission 1500 ALL

Purchasing Commissions

  • Purchasing in BKT-POS – Free of Charge
  • Purchasing in nonBKT-POS  (inside and outside Albania) – Free of Charge
  • Internet purchasing – Free of Charge

Commission for Balance verification in ATM

  • Verifying balance in BKT-ATM – Free of Charge
  • Verifying balance in other bank’s ATM – 200 ALL

Commission for PIN change in ATM

  • Changing PIN in BKT-ATM – Free of Charge
  • Changing PIN in other bank’s ATM – N/A

Commission for re-printing Card / PIN

  • Automatic Card re-print – Free of Charge
  • Automatic PIN re-print – Free of Charge
  • Card re-print in case of lost, theft/damage – 1500 ALL
  • PIN re-print in case of lost, theft/damage – 500 ALL

Annual Commission

  • Annual Commission for each Card – 2000 ALL

Other commissions

  • Late payments Commissions - 2% monthly over the late amount


  • Standard interest of Credit – 1.3% Monthly


  • Cash withdraw limit in ATM – 10%
  • Limit for internet purchase– up to 1,000,000 ALL
  • Minimal payment – 10%

Reading the Monthly Statement

What can you do with your card?

PRIMA CArds are MasterCard branded credit cards issued by Banka Kombetare Tregtare. You can use them to perform transactions within and outside the country. You can withdraw cash and make payments with your card wherever you see the logo of MasterCard.

How does Prima Card work?

Prima card offers you convenience in managing your expenses. Monthly statements will show in detail your cash withdrawals, as well as purchases of goods and services paid by your card so that you verify exactly the total monthly expenses and monitor your personal budget. At your request, this card can be issued along with supplementary cards with limits set by you.

How to read your Monthly Statement?

Card Number:  The 16-digit number of the credit card for which it was generated the Monthly Statement

Card Total Limit: The total amount allocated by the bank as total limit available to be spent with your credit card. All supplementary cards share the same limit with the main card.

Cash withdraw limit: The limit amount available for cash withdrawals in ATMs.

Account No: Number of the account to which the credit card is linked

Remained Card limit: The available limit remained for usage, calculated by deducting the used limit from the total limit of the card.

Total amount to be paid for the period: Total monthly amount.

Minimum Amount to be paid: The minimum mandatory amount of monthly obligation which is shown in the monthly statement and is required to be paid until the last payment date. If not paid in time the card will be charged with penalties penalizing Interests.

Statement Date: The date on which all card transactions are invoiced  to the customer including the previous balance incurred, the interests and fees charged to the customer and the payments performed by the customer, a detailed monthly summary showing the dates and amounts of every transaction, the mandatory minimum and the total obligation that the cardholder owe to the bank.

Payment Day: The latest date required to pay the minimum of the total monthly liability. If you have not received in time the Monthly Statement, please call at the BKT and ask you sent. BKT is not responsible for postal delays.

Transaction date: The date when the card transaction occurred

Description: Describes the type of transactions carried out during the period between the two consecutive monthly statements.

Amount: The amount of transactions made with your card, charged in local currency ALL.

Actual Balance: The total amount due on the date of your current Monthly Statement and includes the previous and actual obligation.

Previous Balance: Outstanding liabilities resulting unpaid from the previous monthly statement.

Purchases: Money spent on purchasing goods and services with card at POS or Internet.

Payments: Any amount paid by you as a whole or partial repayment of the obligation of your credit

Cash Withdraw: Cash money withdrawn from ATM with credit card.

Interests and commissions: The total amount of all commissions and interest, if any, invoices in the current Monthly Statement

Card Interest: Normal Interest of credit applied over the remained liability after deducting the mandatory minimum from the total balance of the month and it is applied in the cases when a card obligation is not paid in full before the last payment date. It is calculated for the remained unpaid amount for as many days resulting uncovered with the declared Card interest

Late Payment Interest: Interest applied when the Mandatory Minimum in not paid in full before the last payment date. It is calculated over the uncovered amount of the Mandatory Minimum for as many days as it results unpaid.

Late Payment Fee: A fixed fee applied when the payment performed is less than the minimum amount required to be paid.

Cash Withdraw Fee: A fee applied when the cardholder performs cash withdrawal from his card.

Cash Withdraw Interest: Interest applied in case of cash withdraws. It is calculated over the cash amount for as many days as results unpaid.

Overlimit Fee: Applied if the amount spent, exceeds the total limit of the card.

Card Annual Commission: A fixed fee applied every year for the card and services, which is different for Standard.

Transactions and Disputes:
Transactions are considered all actions performed with the card in POS / EFTPOS (Electronic Fund Transfer Point of Sale) and ATMs, in which the card is physically present, as well as via Internet, telephone or other electronic ways of communication in which cards is not physically present.
If you have any objections regarding transactions reflected in the Monthly Statement you should immediately notify the bank in writing within 30 days from the date of the transaction. Otherwise, transactions billed in monthly statement will be supposing accepted by you. If your dispute is rejected, based on the rules of MasterCard, that amount will be charged with the respective interest and fees.

Interest and fees is subject of changes by Banka Kombëtare Tregtare.
Interests shown in the Statement are monthly basis interests.
Interest rates and fees currently in force applied for the cards can be found in the Terms and Conditions section of Banka Kombëtare Tregtare official web site
How can you contact us:
To report a stolen or lost card you should call immediately at +355 (4) 22 66 288 or at your BKT branch contact number.
For questions or suggestions:
Tel:     +355 (4) 22 66 288