Tourism Sector

Tourism Sector

In the challenges of the medium- and long-term developments of the Albanian economy, tourism is considered one of the most potential sectors for achieving a higher economic growth and with positive effects on employment growth and real income

As a leading bank in the banking system, we have a history of helping projects succeed. Whether you're launching a new hotel location, gaining a new franchise of a well-known chain or require long-term financing for an established operation, you can rely on our strong understanding of industry trends and extensive experience delivering solutions for a variety of hospitality-related initiatives.

Why partner with us?

  • Take advantage of our knowledge in the tourism and hospitality industry,
  • Our leadership role in financing local companies with new franchise of international brands;
  • A bank that understands the complexities of having a successful hospitality project and can provide the key advice to execute project plan in international and emerging markets.

Our innovative and integrated financial solutions for the tourism industry include:

  • Construction or acquisition, financing for resorts, hotels, resorts and marinas
  • Renovation and property expansion/re-positioning financing