ATM – SmartBanKomaT

ATM - Smart BanKomaT

If you see Smart BanKomaT logo, you can deposit money without entering a branch. (24 hours and 7 days), you can save time and enjoy the comfort of convenience.

  • You can deposit LEK and EUR (up to 950,000 ALL/ 5,000€, daily limit for each currency), Smart BanKomaT will count the money and will credit to your account immediately.
  • After depositing money, you can make many transaction via Smart BanKomaT (eg. card payment, top-up, exchange etc.) or you can use BKT Smart for most of banking transactions.

Smart BanKomaT can recognize the banknotes and calculates the amount.

Coin and other foreign currencies (like USD, GBP etc.) will not be accepted by the devices.

You should not use poor quality/damaged /worn banknotes

According to regulations, banks have obligation to capture suspicious banknotes and inform Bank of Albania.