Construction Sector

Construction Sector

It is the second largest sector in Albania by having the second contribution in Albanian GDP. For several years the construction sector has suffered the lack of liquidity. But, during the latest year in Albania are issued approximately 1,194 construction permits used for construction of residential buildings, stadiums, roads and other infrastructural projects. A boom of construction in high quality residential building and offices, touristic complexes and hotels, is blooming.

We provide working capital to construction companies to help them operate at full strength. You have better things to focus your time on than to worry about the seasonal cash flow fluctuations. We as BKT are here to guide you and to give you the best solution for your finances. We have supported with financing great National projects in infrastructure such as construction of National Stadium "Qemal Stafa" and construction of "Arberi" Road.

What are we offering?

Construction Financing Loans:
With this type of financing, BKT makes it possible to have the capital needed for the development of projects in the private and public construction sector. We offer flexible product packages for businesses in terms of the type of loan, amount, repayment plan, duration, etc.

General Conditions:

  • The loan repayment term is set according to the project deadline up to 5 years.
  • You can benefit from lower principal payments or forgiveness for a certain time limit.
  • The payment method of instalments is monthly.
  • The maximum loan amount depends on the business and the project to be built.
  • The used guarantee is the real estate mortgage / mortgage of equipment or technology lines.
  • With disbursement of the loan, the payments are transferred to the account of the suppliers according to the invoices / situations / preventives