Cheque Services

Cheque Services

Use BKT cheques, they are easy to carry. Cheques can actually be yet another useful tool for your company.

Why to use BKT Business Cheques?

  • It is easy to carry- You don’t need to carry a lot of cash
  • They are safer- You can issue a stop payment on a check in case it gets stolen
  • They are easier to track- you can keep track of who used your cheque, how much was it, which date it was issued.
  • Easy and quick in use- you just go to the bank counter and get paid on the date of the cheque
  • They formalise the transactions- you can easily link your receivable with the cheque’s payment. 

BKT cheques also can be issued as post-dated!

  • For the buyer! Your business is in need of inventory, capital or goods! You need immediate purchase, but deferred payment? The solution is BKT Cheques
  • For the seller! Are you looking for liquidities, but your payment is coming in the next 1-6 months? Your guarantee is BKT Cheques