Energy Sector

Energy Sector

Albania has excellent natural resources for RE investments. Energy sector in Albania constitutes a strategic resource for sustainable economic growth, given the variety of its energy sources and its geographical location.

BKT is contributing in increasing the awareness on responsible development of all forms of energy such as in Hydro Power Plants, Wind Plants, Solar Plants and evaluating the environmental impact.

BKT is committed to providing energy efficiency project financing such as:

Green for Growth Fund (Green Loan): up to 1,000,000 Euro fund for:

  • Loans that support investments in measures taken to reduce the amount of energy consumed and increase the efficiency of energy use
  • Loans that help businesses reduce costs and help modernize and increase revenue
  • Loans that help Albanian businesses on the road to a future "for clean energy"

What types of investments can be classified as Green Loan?

  • Efficient Production Technology Line
  • Thermal insulation and interior insulation of buildings / warehouses
  • Replacement of windows / doors (double / triple glazing)
  • Water heating systems with solar panels
  • Improvements in the heating / cooling system
  • Buying Boilers / Biomass Efficient Bins
  • Optimization of ventilation systems, replacement of refrigerators, etc.
  • Central / efficient split air conditioning systems, as well as sun protection
  • Replacement of pumps, or other engines with new and efficient units, etc.
  • Replacement of existing compressors with new efficient compressors
  • Purchase of refrigerator rooms, pipelines etc. (for agricultural activities and similar)
  • Improvement of the lighting system
  • Improvement of electricity supply factors for large industrial enterprises
  • Other measures aimed at the efficient use of electricity
  • Efficient tractors and harvest machines, efficient irrigation systems
  • Efficient construction of new homes based on clean energy
  • Introducing freight vehicles with energy saving

With many years of experience in the energy industry, BKT offers competitive banking products and services to meet the complex and evolving financial needs of energy businesses today. We work with companies that specialize in:

  • Energy Production
  • Power and utilities
  • Renewable, solar, wind, non-regulated power, and alternative energy

Some of the main financing solutions we offer to our customers are:

  • Non Cash Loans: we offer Letter of Credit and Letter of Guarantee for purchasing of turbines and other utilities (click here)
  • Project Financing Loans: Loan tailored according to the return on the project (click here)
Do you need a partner to collaborate on your projects?

BKT will cooperate with your partners relying on its experience and will create synergy through project financing by offering:

  • Funding projects in the most efficient, timely and professional manner,
  • Harmonization of project cost-benefit,
  • Returning large payments to regular and predictable payments,
  • Source of complementary and specialized lending lines,
  • Real-time and rapid funding availability,
  • Focus on business essentials and project acceleration,
  • Focus on business differentiation.