Business Debit Cards

Business Debit Card

Business Debit Card is a new product launched to help companies for a better daily cash management.

Through Business Debit Card the companies can deposit and withdraw from their primary account in ALL and secondary accounts in EUR and USD in every ATM.

In addition, the companies can make direct purchases in POS-es or in internet with no commission.

The maximum daily deposits limit will be 900,000 ALL or 7,000 EUR.

While, maximum daily withdrawals limit will be 150,000 ALL or 1,000 EUR and 5,000,000 ALL or 40,000 EUR maximum monthly withdrawals limit.

By using the Business Debit Card the business representatives have no need to wait at the branches in order to make cash deposits/withdrawals or transfers.

A business debit card is the most reliable method of payment to use.

The Business Debit Card has several security features.

They require the user to enter a personal identification number (PIN) and uses CHIP technology to save and store the information.

The application for Business Debit Card can be done in any of BKT Branches.