"Internet" Branch

“Internet” Branch

E-Banking for Business


In the context of the importance to increase the digitalization of the different Banking processes, the New Version of E-Banking for Business provides to Business customers with an up-to-date online platform through which they can make different payments in a shorter time.

Businesses can register and use the E-Banking for Business directly, which is available on BKT’s official website.

  • Registration Service offered and provided without free of charges with no monthly maintenance costs.

  • ​Call center offers 24-hour service.

  • Company and user must be BKT clients.

E-Banking on-line offers services as below:

Through this menu you can verify the movements of accounts, details of each accounts as well as the actions performed with each account for a specific time. Also, you can open and close the account whenever you want and need.

In this menu you can verify related details according deposits. Also, you can open and close aforementioned deposit.

You can carry out verification over the active loan payments, remaining balance of principal and also the maturity date of the loan.

You can make transfers within BKT, between your BKT Accounts, intra-country transfers as well as check and transfer details on arrival.

Exchange Rates and Foreign Exchange / Foreign Currency Exchange.

In this menu you can pay invoices with authorizations, you can create authorizations, modify them or even close these authorizations.

Payment of E-invoices
Pay fast, easily and on time your Electronic Invoice through E-banking. In online platforms has been added a new menu E-Invoice. This menu aims to validate and pay Electronic Invoice issued by entities.

Payment of Taxes:
Through the E-Banking for Business you can pay local tax liabilities to various public institutions. It is enough to select the institution and complete the payment details with the institution code and treasury account code.

Automatic Payments of Bills:
Now, payment of utility bills can be carried out automatically from your business account. You just need to register your utility bill details online, set the payment date and each month the charge will automatically be transferred from your account to the relevant institution. Select the option to send payment by email and once the payment is made you will be notified of the invoice settlement.

Customs Payment:
You can pay the duty customs directly with zero commissions from your office without needed to go in Branch. Make payments through your phone or computer to the entire territory of Albania. You just have to be registered with the customs system and you can make any payment online with BKT Smart or E-Banking of Business.

Fines of road traffics: 
BKT offers online traffic roads fines service. Pay your fines online on time and with zero commission. To make the payment you must have your vehicle number and fine number.

Passing Salaries:
One more convenience for your business. Transfers employee salaries through BKT online channels. You can easily transfer up to 200 salaries from your business account at the same time. Activation of payroll on employee accounts becomes automatic upon completion of the process.

Mass Transfers:
You can pay more than one supplier or customer online at the same time with mass transfers. Fill in the relevant files with the transfer details and automatically perform invoice and liability payments.

You can also get contact information, modify information, transaction limits customization.

You can change password, change digital stamp and get user limit information.

This option is used by Insurance Agents to get information on their account movements from insurance companies where they are registered.

Customers who own POS can check daily transactions with their business POS.