Physical POS

Physical POS

Credit card terminals payment processing technology allows merchants to accept more payment types and broaden their customer base, which means they’ll be empowered to drive more revenue. Today’s customers expect to be able to pay using a debit or credit card—or even their smartphone—everywhere, so make sure your business offers this convenience.

The Benefits of Physical POS

Become More Secure

Security is a major reason why lots of people don’t like carrying around cash. Whilst there are security issues when it comes to paying by card, a business can always protect themselves and their customers with the appropriate compliance regulations to ensure the safety of virtual payments by card. The increased and varied protections that are available via card payments are also incredibly helpful, both to customers and to the businesses themselves.

Happy customers = loyal customers

When guests are happy with your product and the experience they receive from your business, they are more likely to be loyal, repeat customers. Accepting payments using NFC technology helps to improve the customer experience, which can, in turn, help to boost loyalty. Using a mobile POS system enables your staff to better serve your customers and more efficiently.

Increased Sales

Reducing the time required to complete a sale and enabling your business to sell “on demand,” reduces friction and boosts sales. It enables you to respond at the moment a prospect is ready to make a purchase. A quick response means less time for people to change their minds and more purchases completed (not to mention, more customers satisfied and evangelizing).